I'm a lifestyle photographer, inspired by this amazing feeling of delivering beautiful pictures and making my clients happy!

I first started learning and trying photography when my 1st daughter was born and I had that desire to capture the most beautiful and realistic pictures of her. My two daughters were my inspiration to open my business and to create the name and logo of Clickmykids!

Over 5 years photographing, my style and focus has always been the same, that is capturing LIFE, in the most natural way. My images show the little details, emotions & connections of the moments, between you and your love ones.

Everyone has a unique essence and candid style, and capturing those things is my goal! My sincere tip to my clients is just BE YOURSELF. That way, your personality and natural expressions will pop-up and guess what, the magic happens! You will enjoy so much!

I'm not heavy handed when it comes to retouching. The way I like to present the image is, how YOU would look on a really great day, not someone else. I want you to go, wow, I looked good that day!!!